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Dining tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Playing games, helping with homework or just lingering after a meal, they’re where you share good times with family and friends. We make modern, customize dining tables sturdy and durable, in lots of styles to help you find what suits your taste. Now you can gather and dine in style by completing your dining room with a beautiful new modern dining room set. Discover our range of modern solid wood and steel dining room sets to enhance your dining area.

People say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but don’t they really mean the dining table? Not just for mealtimes, it’s also for cozy chats over coffee, working, or enjoying a game or two – the place to do all the things you love to do. Buying a dining table is a pretty big decision. After all, it’s often one of the most hard-working pieces in your home, used for everything from playing to working, not to mention eating.

We also have modern rectangular dining tables which are ideal for busy dining areas and also great for bench seating which can be tucked under the table. They also offer lots of space because you can use all 4 sides. Our customize round or oval dining tables tables generally require a larger room but work well to balance a square room and often allow more people to sit around them. It is interesting to note that square dining tables are good for conversation since everyone faces each other.If you have children, or a dinner table that multi-tasks as a desk, choose a durable material like solid wood which we have in various varieties. All our wood-surface dining tables are treated with a strong lacquer which protects the tabletop from scratches and color fading – making them maintenance-free for many years.

Hotline : 077 7 696 471