Modern Custom Made Glass Table

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Whether you're hosting the holidays or need additional table space at your venue, a modern, customize glass table can add a timeless elegance to your design. Under most circumstances a glass table can be used for seating placement, cocktail hour or for decorative purposes. The table has a narrow design so there is plenty of room for larger tables to be set up. Very important, the round, chrome base is out of the way when guests are socializing and adds a contemporary chic design. In our glass tables the base is fitted with a protective plastic ring, made to prevent your floor from being scratched. In reality glass tables can be used as a standalone option or with the use of similarly designed adjustable height barstools.

Now you cab transform your dining area with our stunning modern, customize glass tables featuring customize sleek glass design which is a great addition to your dining room. It seems like you never have enough table space when it's time for the party but never fear, our modern glass tables will save the day. Leave our gorgeous glass table for a casual vibe. Also you can bring modernity into your dining space with our customize metal and glass table. This is a distinctly contemporary piece and features a glass tabletop upon a shiny metal base with a chrome finish for a stylish up-to-date impression. You can customize many such models as per your taste and space.

You can also bring some streamlined style to your dining space with a small glass table. Our models can be crafted of clear tempered glass, the tabletop strikes a round silhouette with a thick beveled edge and smooth, straight sides – an easy-to-clean platform for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

Hotline : 077 7 696 471